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Green Peace Oil map

A Green Peace map shared by Rosemary showing various parts of the globe where oil drilling is active in one way or another.


Posted by GTI Admin on October 28, 2017 at 13:00

Infinity sign in the sky bids us Happy Summer Solstice

Image may contain: sky and outdoor HAPPY SUMMER! This image is a composite of photos taken of the sun once a week for a year at the same time and place. The bottom of the figure eight is the Winter Solstice, where the suns cross are the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and the very top is the Summer Solstice. The image forms an infinity sign! (photo courtesy of Planet…

Posted by Fay L. Loomis on June 23, 2017 at 1:46

Love, Forgiveness, Gratiitude

Thank you Ruth for your wonderful letter. So much of what you said pulled at the strings of my heart and also eased the tightness. Living in Cyprus and having listened to the Cyprus Problem for over 40 years, and experienced the devision of the island and the ongoing consequences, the hopes for a solution and the constant disappointments of the people, the ongoing struggle and here we are again, the closest we have been to a resolution, a possibility,yet if it is handed back to the people… Continue

Posted by Maggie Erotokritou on January 22, 2017 at 7:36 — 2 Comments

From Group 3: Two days in the life of humanity in 2015

To my knowledge, it appears that commentators have not paid attention to the implications of the simultaneity of game-changing events on two separate days in the life of humanity in 2015; one on July 14, and the other on December 12. Each day witnessed a triplicity of events that were announced simultaneously as they were unfolding in real time. They are of universal significance in the life of humanity, occurring at the three levels of Man’s functioning, viz: (i) the…


Posted by Jude Uzoma Ohaeri on February 20, 2016 at 7:30 — 1 Comment


GTI Group 12 Letter – Sagittarius 2018

Group 12, November 21st – December 20th 2018 Devic Kingdom * Essential Divinity * The United Nations Loving greetings to you, In this beautiful letter from Belinda she reminds us that despite struggles, globally and personally, the core value of any action whether thought, word or deed must come from…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Nov 21.

GTI Group 11 Letter – Scorpio 2018

 Group 11, October 21st – November 20th 2018Environment * Essential Divinity * Arctic Circle Loving greetings,The notion that comes continually to my mind regarding the melting of the Arctic ice is about the subtle transference of this energy to a finer vibration. And a similar law applies to us as we seek transformation to a higher note and frequency, which will lead to greater clarity for our telepathic abilities and intuitive insights.Quite some time ago, Fay offered the following sharing.…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Oct 20.

GTI Group 10 Letter – Libra 2018

 Group 10, September 21st – October 20th 2018Creative Synthesis * Spiritual Approach * Antarctica & Southern Ocean Loving greetings,I do hope this note finds you well. At this time of the year, our Group Rhythm brings our focus to Seed Group Ten – that of Creative Synthesis in conjunction with the Law of Spiritual…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Sep 21.

GTI Group 9 Letter – Virgo 2018

Group 9 August 20th – September 21stEconomy & Finance * Spiritual Approach * N & S America Loving greetings,I’m sure we all agree, that for the good of the whole continent of North and South America, the esoteric work needed currently is to invoke the Soul of the United States. Actively, as a Group, we must bring into…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Aug 19.

GTI Group 8 Letter – Leo 2018 2 Replies

 Group 8, July 20th 2018 – August 21st 2018Psychology * Unanimity * Africa Warm and loving greetings to you,In her own unique style and way, Isabelle brings the energy of the stars into our hearts. She explores the gifts of Leo and other constellations, as they work their magic to transform and expand our awareness regarding…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters. Last reply by Davina Cox Aug 8.

GTI Group 7 Letter – Cancer 2018

Group 7 June 20th – July 21stScience * Unanimity * Eastern Europe & former USSRHello everyone,Fay focusses our attention on living the self-sacrifical life that "lifts up" and supports lives. As we do so we recognise that "we are all in our right place and our right relationship."Interestingly, the world soccer cup is…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Jun 21.

GTI Group 6 Letter – Gemini 2018

View Online   Group 6* May 20th – June 21stReligion & Spirituality * Group Endeavour * Europe Hello, warm and lighted greetings to you,In this heartfelt sharing, Belinda reminds us of our work as a Group. As we know, it is to radiate and “send forth the Light” into the ethers and to our planet. This simple act purifies,…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters May 21.

GTI Group 5 Letter – Taurus 2018

  Group 5 * April 21st – May 20th 2018Politics & Social Workers Group Endeavour* NE Atlantic   Heartfelt greetings to everyone,At this time of world crises, precipitating through our nations, Rosemary reminds us of the nature of the cosmic impulse that is working to quicken the evolution of consciousness within the human…Continue

Started by GTI Admin in GTI Letters Apr 21.


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